How To Improve Your Memory With Martial Arts Fitness Training

Some of the most important goals of martial arts training include self-defense, confidence building, and weight loss as well as winning in fighting competition. However, the achievements of these goals are just the end results. The most beneficial part is the process of training—the means you use to acquire the required skills to qualify you as a martial arts expert.

One of the most popular martial arts styles is Shaolin Kung Fu. While it involves use of weapons and animal forms, personal empowerment is one of its core principles. Shaolin fitness training incorporates the use of your memory and finally results to your brains ability to remember not only the techniques but also other details in your everyday life.

Paying Undivided Attention

On your first day of Shaolin fitness training –, you’ll be accosted by a number of unfamiliar techniques and movements. Your task is to remember all of them. It is certainly not easy. However, the fact that you have to remember them will compel your brain to start working. As training progresses, you’ll be required to keep your focus on a lot of other things including hitting targets, working out fighting combinations and avoiding getting hit by your opponent. Eventually, you’ll not only be able to apply your memory during training but also in your other day-to-day living activities.


One of the core functions of the brain is to help you recall images even when you are not seeing them. You are also able to remember their smell and how they feel. During Shaolin fitness training, you are required to remember thousands of movements not only by repetition but also through visualization.

Memorizing Names

Students in Shaolin fitness classes must say the name of a technique or a movement aloud before embarking on the actual training. Although they are so many, the student must develop enough capacity in their brains to hold each one of them. It is not easy. However, with time, it becomes a second nature. Students are able to memorize a lot of other things outside the martial arts class.

Physical Exercise

Regular physical exercise keeps the brain in constant supply of blood and oxygen which in turn help to keep it healthy. A healthy brain will perform its functions, which includes retaining good memory, with ease. Since martial arts involve intense physical activity, it is a great way of ensuring alertness and competence of your brain.

As mentioned before, martial arts fitness training is not all about learning how to fight in self defense or winning in professional fights; it is a way of improving your personal life. It is one of the best ways of developing the ability of your brain to retain great memory.